OCTober 30th to November 5th

Join 90+ Experts Over 7 Days!

The largest event for family wellness & paediatric care in the history of chiropractic
 covering 7 domains of family practice. 

This promises to be an EPIC, practice and life-changing event!

You will learn from some of the world’s leading chiropractic, family wellness and paediatric specialists—going deep on the principles of family wellness and paediatric chiropractic.

This one-of-a-kind event boasts speakers from around the world in multiple industries, including internationally recognized chiropractic family and paediatric lecturers, authors and thoughts leaders as well as integrative medicine and naturopathic doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists—all of who will deliver world-class presentations to increase your knowledge, skills and expertise in the area of family wellness and paediatrics.
This event has been designed for Chiropractors interested in moving from a pain-based practice to a family wellness practice or for those interested in deepening their understanding in paediatric and family wellness care to have a more profound and powerful impact on the health and lives of the families within their practice and extending their influence out into the community. It is for those wanting to serve patients understanding the true nature of family wellness and the chiropractic lifestyle. 
This event will give you the tools, knowledge and skills you require to be able to have greater confidence, certainty and competence in family wellness practice.

If you have ever wanted to have a greater impact in your community, see more families and impact the health and quality of lives of children, mothers and fathers in your practice—this event is for you.
The Role of The Kids Summit in the Origins of The Family Wellness Super-Conference: An Interview with Dr Dorte Bladt
COVID-19 has had far reaching effects throughout the world, including changing the educational landscape. The Kids’ Summit, which was to be held in Paris in May of 2020, was sadly affected by the pandemic and had to be postponed. The much needed funds for chiropractic paediatric research that is raised at this event were going to be lost. Through the far reaching vision of Dr Dorte Bladt and the willingness of The Kids Summit Team to serve the chiropractic profession—The Family Wellness Super-Conference was born. This interview with Dr Dorte Bladt highlights the fund raising role of The Kids Summit and The Family Wellness Super-Conference and the significant role the paediatric research will have for the future of chiropractic.

Not only will you grow as a practitioner—you will learn from some of the masters who have grown legendary family-based practices. The following 7 Dimensions of a Family Practice will be covered in detail at the Family Wellness Super-Conference:

Give while you are gaining

This amazing event is a fund-raiser and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to serve the chiropractic profession—half of the proceeds will go to the Australian Chiropractic College to continue to support the college during its inaugural year. The remainder of the money raised will go to a research project specifically around paediatrics to support chiropractic’s position that we can improve the health and quality of lives of children and families within our practices. There’s no more important time than now to do paediatric research to support the families in our practices. This event will make that possible.  

This is more than a super-conference—this is a life-changing event for chiropractors wanting to be able to serve families within their community. 

It will also serve the chiropractic profession, not only because it is a charitable event—because when we have more families under care within our practices, we change the health and lives of the families within our practice—impacting the health of families within our communities throughout the world!

A word from some of our amazing speakers...

“I feel this is an especially important event right now. I feel people need to understand the root cause of health and wellness, which I believe is the brain. Health and wellness is always a whole family issue that starts with the parents And their education."

Dr. Robert Melillo 

"I am very honored and excited to share on this incredible summit, because the families all over the world are so ready for us, and getting this pivotal research done is a must-do aspect of us getting ready to serve them!"
Dr. Tony Ebel 

“Our Children are the Future. It is our Responsibility to Teach our Children about Health! The Family Wellness Super Conference is the Way to do This!"
Dr. Dennis Woggon, BSc, DC 

"This event is important because the more we know and better we do, serves the public in a model that many seek for their family. Grateful to be part of a group who fundraises for further scientific research into understanding why and how we get our results with children and is committed to further best practices in chiropractic for families.Happy to share my message of reflective practice in a people-centered model because the reflective practice model builds on the skills of observing, interpreting, action and outcome. It also requires “unselfing”, connection and cooperation to collaborate with families."

Dr. Liz Anderson-Peacock BSc., D.C. 

“I am very proud to be presenting on a topic which is fundamental in the management of the infant. I am excited to participate in an event that will help raise funds towards furthering chiropractic paediatric healthcare." 
Dr. Glenn Maginness 

"To the world you may be one person. But to one person, you may be the entire world.”
Dr. Monika Buerger

“Sharing a message that helps build powerful and impactful family practices is so important and FUN! Developing the 4-Generational model where newborns and seniors are invited into care is a remarkable way to practice. This generational message is so important because the neuroAge of chiropractic demands the passion to care for families beyond their symptoms and the ability to blend today’s technologies with the timeless principles of chiropractic." 
Dr. David Fletcher 

“The reason I am presenting for FWSC is because it's all about the kids. There is nothing more important than our future and they ARE our future. That's why any and all chiropractors and students who have or desire a pediatrics practice MUST tune into this, since we are all standing on the shoulders of giants!"
Dr. Drew Rubin 

“It is an honor to present to the Family Wellness Super-Conference. I will share the magic and majesty of having a family wellness chiropractic practice."
Dr. Peter Kevorkian 

"I’m excited to present where we are at with regard to the scientific evidence about chiropractic care for kids. This event is so important because we need to be up to date with the scientific literature and we are fundraising for the Centre for Chiropractic Research at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic."
Dr. Heidi Haavik 

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